Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a list of the most common frequently asked questions relating (FAQ) to all the IT support, solutions and services that Live Networks offers.

At Live Networks this means managing and supporting all of your business IT needs. That is anything from workstation support, installing printers and creating user profiles all the way up to a fully redundant server solution with a backup and disaster recovery plan.

Yes we offer 1st line support on ALL 3rd party applications and if we can't fix it we will liaise with your application provider to come up with a solution.

Yes we do, we manage and support hardware/software whether it be on-site, off-site, collocated or hosted. We work with you to find the right solution for you and your business, then manage and support it to allow you and your users to do their job.

We sure can! And we can do one better, we can purchase the hardware for you too. We recommend DELL for the majority of items and when we order the hardware for you, we will set it up and configure it at no extra cost. The most important thing is that the hardware is right for the purpose you need to fulfill.

We use a ticketing system called Live Networks Connect, this turns emails in to tickets for the engineers to work on and deal with your issue. If you need urgent support then we recommend users to call in on our direct number, we will create the ticket and work on solving your issue. All tickets are logged and you will be provided with a ticket number which you can reference when requesting more information.

Yes we can, we like to understand what you are looking to achieve and then look at all options including a virtual/hosted option so you can be clear on the right solution for your business.

We monitor all servers and hardware such as switches 24/7 and we are alerted, this means that we will know there is an issue and can ensure it is fixed, usually before the client even notices.

Your IT network is the back bone of your business. Regular maintenance keeps the network running efficiently and securely. Our Managed IT Services provides proactive IT support and proactive IT maintenance therefore reducing IT systems failure and downtime. Our team of support specialists monitor the health, performance and security of your IT network 24/7 ensuring security and stability which are all included in your monthly support fee.

We use an application called Team Viewer, once this has been downloaded on your workstation and server we can logon remotely. One of our engineers will request permission to access your workstation and get to work.

We send an invoice each month for the monthly support fee and an additional invoice for anything outside of this; hardware and out of hours support for example.

Proactive maintenance is part of our Managed Services offering and ensures your systems and infrastructure are actively monitored for issues before they impact your business. Issues are passively resolved typically with minimum interruption to your operations.